FY 2021

TitleDate Issued
Audit of the Replacement of WMATA’s Remote Terminal Units PDF Icon11-16-2020

FY 2020

TitleDate Issued
Audit of WMATA’s Data Compromise Response Capabilities OIG-20-07PDF Icon06-24-2020
Audit of WMATA’s SmarTrip Regional Partner Comparative Billing Statements OIG-20-06 PDF Icon12-31-2019
Audit of Metrorail Stations Garage Cleaning OIG-20-05 PDF Icon12-31-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Rail Performance Monitoring System OIG-20-04 PDF Icon10-31-2019
Results of the Audit of WMATA’s Single Audit for FY2019 OIG-20-03 PDF Icon10-18-2019
Results of the Audit of WMATA’s Financial Statements for FYs 2019 & 2018 OIG-20-02 PDF Icon10-18-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives OIG-20-01 PDF Icon09-19-2019

FY 2019

TitleDate Issued
Audit of WMATA’s Software Asset Management Program OIG-19-11 PDF Icon06-19-2019
Audit of WMATA’s End-of-Service Life Operating System Software OIG 19-10 PDF Icon 05-01-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Kronos Implementation Project  OIG 19-09 PDF Icon04-17-2019
Audit of Cybersecurity Requirements in WMATA’s Procurements OIG 19-08 PDF Icon03-05-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Employee Separation Process OIG-19-07 PDF Icon01-18-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Vendor Master File (VMF) OIG 19-06 PDF Icon01-18-2019
Audit of WMATA’s Single Financial Audit for FY2017 OIG-19-05 PDF Icon10-29-2018
Audit of WMATA’s Financial Statements for FYs 2018 & 2017 OIG 19-04 PDF Icon10-29-2018
Audit of WMATA’s Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) OIG 19-03 PDF Icon09-27-2018
Audit of WMATA’s Security Over Publicly Accessible Web Applications
OIG 19-02
 PDF Icon
Audit of WMATA’s Separated Employees’ Unearned Annual Leave Overpayments
OIG 19-01
 PDF Icon

FY 2018

TitleDate Issued
Audit of WMATA’s IT Incident Response Process OIG-18-08 PDF Icon06-20-2018
Evaluation of the Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Station Incidents OIG 18-07 PDF Icon04-06-2018
Manual Payroll System OIG 18-06 PDF Icon03-30-2018
Results of the Audit of WMATA’s Single Audit for FY2017 OIG 18-05 PDF Icon 10-25-2017
Results of the Audit of WMATA’s Financial Statements for FYs 2017 & 2016
OIG 18-04
 PDF Icon
Rail Safety: Evaluation of Radio Emergency Alarms OIG 18-03 PDF Icon09-14-2017
Internal Controls Over Creation of Ghost Employees OIG 18-02 PDF Icon08-03-2017
Audit of WMATA’s Control and Accountability of Firearms and Ammunition
OIG 18-01
 PDF Icon

FY 2017

TitleDate Issued
Audit of WMATA’s Buy America Contract Award and Oversight
Process-OIG 17-07
 PDF Icon
Audit Report of WMATA’s Workers’ Compensation Program-OIG 17-06 PDF Icon 01-26-2017
Evaluation of WMATA’s Safety Measurement System-OIG 17-05 PDF Icon12-29-2016
Audit of WMATA’s Mobile Computing Security Program-OIG 17-04 PDF Icon11-21-2016
Degaussing/Wiping of Electronic and Magnetic Media-OIG 17-03 PDF Icon11-21-2016
Evaluation of WMATA’s Fare Activities-OIG 17-02 PDF Icon11-10-2016
Audit of Trapeze Scheduling and Dispatch System-OIG 17-01 PDF Icon12-07-2016

FY 2016

TitleDate Issued
Follow-up Review of Findings & Recommendations from 2014 Evaluation of WMATA’s DBE Program PDF Icon12-22-2015
Progress Report PDF Icon
Audit of WMATA’s Invoice Certification & Payment Process PDF Icon01-13-2016
Progress Report PDF Icon07-06-2016
Audit of WMATA’s Office of Procurement & Materials Noncompetitive Contract Actions PDF Icon12-17-2015
Progress Report PDF Icon
Review of WMATA’s Contract Closeout Process  12-18-2015
Progress Report PDF Icon
Review of WMATA’s MAXIMO Asset Management System PDF Icon12-22-2015

FY 2015

TitleDate Issued
Review of WMATA’s Local Jurisdictional Subsidies PDF Icon04-28-2015

FY 2014

TitleDate Issued
Review of WMATA’s Labor Expenditures Charged to Federal Grant Awards PDF Icon05-05-2014
Audit of WMATA’s Metroconnect Human Capital Management (HCM) Project PDF Icon04-28-2014
Review of WMATA’s Purchase Card Program PDF Icon01-27-2014
Review of Quality Assurance Program, Department of Transit Infrastructure and Engineering Services PDF Icon09-05-2013
Review of nMomentum Corporation Contracts and Task Order PDF Icon07-26-2013

FY 2013

TitleDate Issued
Review of the Selection and Award Process of Metaformers Contract FQ – 12208 PDF Icon
(1.35 MB)
Review of the Integrated Finance Organization Project PDF Icon11-19-2012
Follow-up Review of WMATA’s Environmental Management Program PDF Icon10-23-2012
Review of Selection and Award Process of Metaformers Contracts PDF Icon09-12-2012

FY 2012

TitleDate Issued
Review of WMATA’s Software/Hardware Acquisition Process PDF Icon05-25-2012
Review of Contract CQ 7068 – Safety Management Assessment and Enhancement Program PDF Icon02-14-2012
Review of WMATA’s Oversight of Selected Information Technology Service Contractors PDF Icon (1.35 MB)12-02-2011
Audit of Reported Paratransit Revenues and Ridership PDF Icon10-03-2011

FY 2011

TitleDate Issued
Review of Office of Bus Maintenance Inspection Program PDF Icon06-03-2011
Review of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) MAXIMO Work Orders Module PDF Icon (1.42 MB)03-28-2011
Review of Monthly Reports on Bus Ridership and Revenue PDF Icon09-22-2010
Review of Emergency Plans for Critical Information Technology Operations and Financial Systems PDF Icon09-24-2010
Control Self-Assessment – Employee Safety in the Office of Track and Structures Systems Maintenance  PDF Icon09-08-2010
Audit of Fiscal Year 2009 Accruals and Year-End Spending PDF Icon07-12-2010

FY 2010

TitleDate Issued
Review of Controls Over Storeroom Operations – Internal Operations 10-002 PDF Icon03-24-2010
Review of the PeopleSoft Remediation Project Information Technology No. 10-001 PDF Icon10-21-09
Audit of Martek Global Services, Inc. Contract No. CO-6048 PDF Icon10-02-09

FY 2009

TitleDate Issued
Audit of the Purchase Card Program PDF Icon06-29-09
Internal Control Review of Fare Media Sales  12-30-08
Review of Capital Projects: Internal Controls PDF Icon12-23-08