The Office of Audits & Evaluations (OA&E) is comprised of three teams: the financial and contract audit team, the information technology and program audit team, and the evaluations team. OA&E provides independent assessments of WMATA programs and operations that help to reduce waste, abuse, and mismanagement and to promote economy and efficiency. The OIG Contract Audits team provides professional advice on accounting and financial matters to assist in the negotiation, award, administration, re-pricing and settlement of contracts. OIG also oversees audit work done by outside audit firms on behalf of OIG. Our staff is comprised of auditors and evaluators with educational backgrounds and degrees in accounting, finance, and information systems. Most of the staff have professional certifications as accountants, internal auditors, fraud examiners, and information systems auditors.

What We Audit

  • Performance audits of WMATA administrative and program operations
  • Contract audits to determine if WMATA is obtaining goods and services at a fair and reasonable price
  • Financial audits, including the annual financial statement audit to assess whether WMATA’s financial statements are accurate, complete, and fairly presented

What We Evaluate

  • Evaluations and reviews of departmental functions, activities, and programs
  • Assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of WMATA programs
  • Onsite inspections
  • Compliance monitoring