Mission Statement

Our mission depends on our talented staff who are dedicated to OIG’s independent and objective work.

Under the WMATA Compact, OIG is “an independent and objective unit of the Authority that conducts and supervises audits, program evaluations, and investigations relating to Authority activities; promotes economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in Authority activities; detects and prevents fraud and abuse in Authority activities; and keeps the Board fully and currently informed about deficiencies in Authority activities as well as the necessity for and progress of corrective action.” We provide advice to the Board and General Manager/Chief Executive Officer (GM/CEO) to assist in achieving the highest levels of program and operational performance at WMATA.

Our Core Values


We are committed to excellence in our people, our processes, our products, our impact, and our mission performance.

  • We value a diverse, educated, and highly trained workforce that reflects independence, initiative, and mutual respect.
  • We value operating within an objective code of standards yet remain open to innovation.
  • We support WMATA’s mission to provide safe, equitable, reliable, and cost-effective public transit.


We insist on high standards of professional conduct from OIG employees at all levels and compliance with professional standards to ensure the Board and management can rely on our products.

  • We have confidence that our work is accurate and that our results hold up to professional scrutiny.
  • We encourage an environment of risk-free communication and promote an open, honest, and respectful exchange of ideas and information.


We strive to maintain the highest level of trust and integrity in all of our activities, and the approach we take in accomplishing our mission must be fair, balanced, and credible.

  • The personal and professional qualities of our employees include honesty, respect for others, and freedom from bias.
  • We value and protect our access to information recognizing that reputations, public confidence, and lives can be affected by our actions.

Our Vision

We are committed to excellence in our people, by supporting them through training, advancement and supporting their professional needs. Through our support they deliver high-quality independent oversight of WMATA’s programs and operations.

We value diversity in our workplace and support the values and culture of all people.